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The traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rrna)

The traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rrna)
The traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Bo Rrna) is an ancient therapeutic method which is the opening of the lines of energy (sen) blocked designed using Shiatsu pressure points. Stretching of Nuad Bo Rrna massage comes from the mobilizations of the traditional Chinese medicine but also the postures of yoga of the Ayurvedic medicine. Stretching movements affect the whole body. They increase the flexibility, and release tension at all levels. The traditional Thai Massage techniques are from Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and Chinese but also the Korean Relaxation Massage. Compression, the bearing of the muscles, and passive stretching are results and increase in energy and a renewal of the physical state. This massage allows total relaxation settled on tendinitis-muscle tensions. It evacuates stress by relaxing the body and by discharging toxins. It soothes the mind and body. It restores tone and energy by promoting proper blood circulation by stimulation of the lymphatic circulation. He re harmonizes energy in the body. The technique, the traditional Thai Massage is an art of living that is an integral part of Thai culture. This is why the practitioner mass in a spirit of meditation and concentration as he gives his body to the massed to do one with him and that this massage is practiced on the ground, on a futon and dressed (leggings and T-shirt).

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