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The keys to a winning plan.

The keys to a winning plan.
Be better preventing than cure, even in line. But when the superfluous kg are already visible on the thighs and buttocks, breaking the harmony of the body, a thinning regime is needed. Force of neglecting the rules of a balanced diet, taking regular weight; It is never too late to apply the principles of dietetics, but to lose fat or cellulite that are installed on the thighs or buttocks, going to have to move to a stage of dietary restriction: the regime. The only way to make sustainable the benefit acquired in the effort and the restriction, it is programmed during the plan period a modification of your diet; otherwise you may well fall into the yo-yo effect and spend your life making plans.
The keys to a winning plan:
1. Take the decision seriously. The dilettantism of regime does any work. If you start a diet program or thinning, you will not be able to make truce because your organization would be confusing and the result void. A regime does not decide on a whim: he must be given a shape, duration, a reason to be and choose an appropriate period (do not provide too much output). Start a plan if you are tired or too stressed because it can tire you more. How would you deprivation so that you're already anxious by other problems?
2. Set an achievable objective in time given. Without focus on excessive weight loss, consider instead your build, your inheritance, but also your greed, your desire, your ability to resist temptations. With end to end these settings, you should set your own ideal weight. It does not lose weight to please others, but for itself, its well-being and health. Do you compare or filiform models that we see in magazines or your best friend with jeans size low like a charm. Each its morphology and some roundness can any to be harmonious. You can decide how many pounds you want to lose; and especially do not overestimate your ability to lose permanently without recovery, while continuing to enjoy the pleasures of the table.
3 Choose his regime. It’s now selecting the type of plan that suits you. Attention to plans unbalanced nutritionally as, for example, the regime hyper protein or all regimes who advocate exclusive use of a single product to a rapid saturation of appetite. They are usually counterproductive because they are followed by later than even richer feeding periods. Dissociated, low-calorie, meal replacements, etc.: there are a multitude of different systems but not miracle method. Each has its arguments, the essential is to choose and keep. Of course, thighs and buttocks often have the priority in the objective thinness of women and expected necessarily to reduce the consumption of fats and sugars because they are the ones that quickly reach the adipose tissue. If you have cellulite, will go through a salt restriction and promote diuretic foods. Permanently change his food behavior: once the goal reached, not question to bad reflexes. To not enter the yo-yo system and its repetitive mode of frustrations, opt for a healthy life, governed by 3 golden rules.

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