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Plans: 30 weight loss products prohibited

Plans: 30 weight loss products prohibited
The National Agency for safety of the drug (ANSM, ex-Afssaps) comes to prohibit three plants and 26 used molecules in a way diverted in the diet preparations sold in pharmacies. The use of preparations containing the three plants and the 26 active substances concerned by these measures is now prohibited for the purpose of weight loss, announced the Agency of the drug (ANSM) in a press release. According to her, these substances would be ineffective or even dangerous. While the trial of the plectrum opens today, the ANSM sought to strike a great blow. A survey conducted by the Agency of the drug between 2006 and 2007, showed that one-third of the preparations developed by pharmacists were prescribed for the purpose to lose weight the patient. However, even if no substances prohibited by law were found, these formulas often associated drugs whose market (AMM) authorization did not weight loss. Now, these substances will no longer be used in these formulas home when they designed the weight loss. They are however allowed to preparations prescribed in other cases. Weight loss approach is neither trivial nor inconsequential for health, says the ANSM. She must register in the long term, in a comprehensive, individual and interdisciplinary support. To know the name of the plants and substances in preparations say diet please visit the website of the ANSM.

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